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Everyone seems to have a home remodel nightmare. Want to know how you can avoid them? Check out this post.
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Planning to Avoid Home remodel Nightmare

14 Mar Do You Have A Home Remodel Nightmare Story?

Construction Module ImageEveryone has them.  Well it seems that everyone has one.  You can go to a party and start talking about your home remodel or home addition and people will pop up all around you with their horror stories.  I don’t really think everyone has one.  I think there are a few people that sit back and listen to others tell their story with a small smile on their face.  Why?  Because they don’t have a horror story.  And its not because they haven’t done any home remodeling.  Its because they actually survived and thrived during their home remodel.  If you have a construction horror story, you are asking: How did they do it?  I am guessing that its in some small part luck.  Luck that they hired the right architect and contractor.   I can walk on to most home remodel sites and know how the project is going by asking one question.

One Important Question

I know this one question from the 25 years I have spent with clients and contractors on all types of residential projects.  I know because I have been a party to the answer of this one question more times then I would like to say.  What’s the one question?

How is the relationship between your architect and contractor?

That simple question will speak volumes.  You see, the better your architect and contractor communicate with each other; the better your project will be.  If you find you are having too many (and I mean one as being too many) job site meetings separately with the contractor and the architect, then their relations is not going well.  If you spend more then a minute listening to problems that other party is causing & not solving them,  your home remodel project is headed for the cliff.  That cliff is more money and delays.

I believe that 90% of the home remodel nightmares that people talk about would be resolved if the homeowner kept an eye on the architect’s and contractor’s relationship.  The other 10% is directly related to the homeowner – but I will leave that for another post.

Until next time send me your home remodel nightmare stories to or leave it in the comments below.  Its therapy for you and you provide a public service for other would be home remodelers.  A bonus is I love to read them and see how I can learn from them.  Thanks

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