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Helping Homeowners Design and Build Their Dream Home

Helping Homeowner design & build their dream home

21 Feb What is Architect’s Digital Workshop

What is Architect’s Digital Workshop?

Design & Construction Architect’s Digital Workshop is my site where I can share 25+ years of architectural experience with you, other homeowners and would be homeowners.  My goal is 2 fold: 1) help you avoid costly mistakes I have seen in the past and 2) share some fun.

I believe there is nothing as fun and adventurous as the design and construction of a custom home or remodeling an existing home for a client.  I love all parts of it and I want to share that with you.  From my many years of experience, I have some interesting stories that I will share with you; tips on what to look and listen for while you are interviewing architects and contractors; design ideas that work and some that don’t work.  Believe me I have done both.

Topics that I want to cover are all over the map:  residential design; energy saving tips; Home Automation (I love to experiment with this one); construction in general, and many more.

Avoid Your Nightmare Construction Story!

I ultimately want to help you overcome the fear of the construction process and avoid the Nightmare Construction Story that I hear at parties all the time.  It pains me to hear someone say that they will never do another remodel or construction project again.  Then go on to describe their horrible experience.  I have been in the middle of those situations – I can help you avoid those or at the very least minimize there impact on your project.  It is not as hard as you think.

Ask a Question

So thanks for stopping by.  But this process works best if you help direct it.  How?  Ask questions – Post a question in the comment section of this post.  Please don’t worry if you think it sounds like a dumb question – there are no dumb questions.  Besides there are several other people reading this post with the same question and they will appreciate that you asked it.  I promise to have a response within a couple of days.

Please Share

The wider the audience the more we can all learn – so please share this post on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or any other places you hang out with your friends.  Thanks for your help.

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