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19 Sep Home from Children’s Perspective

What is Home? Make a Home

As an architect, I have defined home for hundreds of clients.  My experience, training, and interactions with clients have shaped that definition.  My wife related a story that changed my thinking again.  She is a preschool teacher in town and works with children ages 4 to 5 years old.  In class last week, they were doing an art project where she asked children them to draw a house.  My wife provided no model just asked the children to make a picture of home.  She did have squares and triangles of construction paper that the children could use to make their home.

There are Differences?

After these instructions, the children were designing away.  What is interesting is the difference between boys and girls.  The boy immediately cut the paper up into all kinds of shapes with various sizes.  They glued and pasted the shapes on their paper in different ways.  I might interpret the design as modern and chaotic.  A place to run wild.

The girls used the shapes to construct a very typical house.  A square base for the structure and a triangular shape on top for the roof.  A safe and secure place for the girls to live; a place where it is calm.  It was consistent with both groups.  All the boys had a wild, modern house and the girls had what I would call a typical picture of home.

The Lesson

What’s the lesson?  There are two very different perspectives when sitting down with couples.  Of course, I know this when meeting with couples, but the differences are surprising even with children.  So dramatic in their differences is what caught my attention.  I need to keep this lesson in mind the next time I meet with a couple.  The idea of home from each client’s perspective so I can design a better structure.

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