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Home remodeling is expensive. But having a clear design for your remodel home and limiting changes through the process will reduce costs. The more changes and when they occur will impact the cost of your project.
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Home Remodeling

04 Jun Home Remodeling is Expensive

Home Remodeling Project




Home Remodeling is expensive.  But there are many ways to reduce your costs and still have a successful project.  A home remodel project that you will enjoy!  That is one of the reasons I launched Architect’s Digital Workshop. Here are 5 points to keep in mind before your first meeting with the architect.

5 Home Remodeling Tips

  • Know What You Want – Before you sit down with your architect, know what you want in your new home.  What style, how large, how many bedrooms/baths, etc..  Tear your ideas out of magazines and books so you can present them to the architect.  Don’t meet with them until you know all these parts.
  • Make Changes in Schematic Design Phase – Ok so you don’t have all the answer.  Try to limit your changes to the Schematic Design Phase.  The architect expects and will encourage changes in this phase of the project.  They will work a number of designs and will shape that design based on your feedback.  Be open and honest – you won’t hurt the architect’s feelings if you don’t like something.  Get all your ideas and changes out during this  phase, because once you finish this phase – your changes should be done.
  • No You Are Not Locked In – Though changes beyond the Schematic Design Phase – could cost you money and time, you are not locked into to the design you have approved.  Just know that it will take time and money to make those changes.  Try to limit any changes in the later phase of the design process to small changes or refinements to your design if possible.
  • Its Not Just The Architect – Changes cost more beyond the schematic Design Phase because your design team has grown.  The next phase after the schematics is Construction Document Phase.  These are the technical drawings of your new home.  I will add a structural engineer, an energy consultant, a civil engineer and others to the design team.  A change made during the Construction Document Phase may affect one or all the team members.  More people, more time which means more money and cost to you, the homeowner.
  • Drawings are Cheap Compared to Construction – But if you are thinking of a change to your design – do it while the plans are still being put together.  Don’t wait for some time later.  If you wait until construction starts you now have more people on your design team – the contractor and sub-contractors.  Nat this pointow your changes may affect work that has already been constructed.  This can be very expensive

How do you control the cost of your home remodeling project – make the changes in the phase designed for changes – Schematic Design Phase.  Costs rise as you move through the design/construction process.

I hope this was helpful to you.  Drop mea comment below to let me know if it was or wasn’t.  Have  a question?  Add that also and I will get back to you either directly or in a future post.

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